About Me

My main passion & profession is Music. I've been involved in music for 10 years now, producing music for my own artist projects & for other artists around the world, from the UK & the USA, to China. My greatest achievement was featuring a record on the Lindsey Stirling album "Shatter Me", which won best Dance album on the Billboard Music Awards in 2015. In those 10 years I've also graduated from Trinity college Dublin with a 2.1 masters degree in Music & Media Technology. My skills in music have been focused mainly in sound design & production, heavily influenced by the Dubstep era of electronic music. However the past several years have been spent producing commercial 'pop' music for artists. I've also been very much involved in Graphics & Media content, as my undergraduate degrees were in Graphic Design and Creative Digital Media - the 10 years I've been involved in music, I've done all my own graphics work & promotional material. That skill set also benefited a side project in which I became the director of a small meal & nutrition business, of which I managed all the branding & online content (smartmeals.ie). My Masters Degree also exposed me to coding in processing and Max MSP (which my main thesis project was based in). Its fair to say I have grown & developed a broad range of skills over the past 10 years, & I'm always driven to continue that personal development.

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