Metamorphosis (Composition)

Sean Tianihad - Metamorphosis [Programme Note] (7:00)

The definition of 'Metamorphosis' is "a change of the form or nature of a thing or person into a completely different one". The crust of the Earth is solid rock, yet there are many factors that shape this rock and distort it entirely. The movement of tectonic plates is one, the shifting and grinding of rock plates thousands of miles across, floating on top of the Earth's molten core forming mountains and deep sea trenches. Gravity is another (or rather its relationship to the mass of the planet), and this is where water comes into play. Water sits on top of the solid outer-shell of Earth, yet through the force of gravity, it can shape and carve out the very rock beneath it, and here is the endless relationship between both rock and water, what landscapes, monuments, valleys, and un-reachable abyss' will be created by process of 'Metamorphosis'.

Sean Tianihad EC 1 Assign 2 Report
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