Practitioners of Dissonence (Composition)

Sean Tianihad – Practitioners of Dissonance [Programme Note] (8:00)

‘Practitioners of Dissonance’ is an aural insight as to how a creator of electronic musical works can view and imagine their surroundings in ways most would not. This piece will explore how I myself visit the beautiful and serene Island of Arranmore, which is a somewhat isolated part of coastal Donegal. Through field recordings of points along my journey, and the sonification of raw data from images taken at these locations, I exploit a conceptual relationship between the two mediums, and the resulting dissonance from the sound combinations. The form takes on 2 phases – phase one is representative of the raw data extracts, a continuous series of changing sounds with harsh transitions (much like the rugged cliff line) - and phase two, flowing & smooth transitions, more representative of the calmer shoreline. I am a Practitioner of Dissonance, and this is what my mind can create.


Project Report featured below: